Our Job

What We Do

Our job as Fraud Detectors is limited to analyze all fraudulent online Ecommerce transactions and protect Merchant Account Providers from it. This way we aim at satisfying our valued customers as well. Fraud Prevention makes us to reduce risk and guarantee higher profits to Merchants.

Handling Ecommerce Transactions

Credit card transactions are replacing cash transactions. All cash less dealings done online are said to be Ecommerce transactions. These transactions involve debit/credit cards as the only mode of payments. Using cards for making payments has become very risky. We, as Risk Management Agents take the responsibility of carrying out these risky transactions properly without any fraud.

Reducing Risk

Reducing Risk is our only focus and accepted yardstick. We do it on behalf of Merchant Account Providers. "RISK" in such transactions can be further explained as "ChargeBack" cost asked to be paid by Merchant Banks from the customers who suffered loss because of fraudulent activity. A Customer is entitled to ask for refund or the chargeback from the Merchant Bank who in turn asks for the same from a Merchant Service Provider.

Assuring Higher Revenues

Online Risk Reduction itself results in reduced rate of loss and consequently higher revenues. You can now select any online payment without getting scared of possible risk. Our fraud detecting solutions guarantee you safest and secure online dealings. Thinking of stronger profits is no more a dream now.

Assisting Merchant Account Providers

Our proven Fraud Detection System helps us in detecting all possible frauds related to an online transaction against purchase and sale. We process thousand of online payments and pledge to live up to the expectations of Merchant Service Providers (MSPs). Our assistance is subjected to changes as per the needs of MSPs.

Satisfying Customers

We believe in the saying that "Customer Is King" and Customer Satisfaction is our objective through this entire investigation of fraudulent transactions. A Customer himself brings in business; therefore he should not feel cheated at any cost. Deceitful online dealings can reduce the customer base thereby resulting in loss. We make sure that we do our verifications aptly to keep the customer happy. Customer's Safety is what we believe in.