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E-commerce era is burgeoning with a fast pace. Online Merchant Banking has made it possible to buy anything online sitting conveniently at a place. We as Fraud Prevention Agents seek to maximize revenue by saving Merchant Account Providers from all fraudulent activities. Online transactions from cards are no doubt on rise but subsequently it is equally unsafe. Few checks and detailed investigation done by our Fraud Detectors comes as an only rescue for it. It begins with Location Check, goes till Background Check, IP Location and making Calls.

Location Check

Location check comprises of doing geographical check. Location here symbolizes the place where fraudulent activity has taken place. We have dedicated Account manager to do such investigations. They do it telephonically and readily help you 24*7. We enquire and look into the area where the card transaction has taken place. By every means, we try to gather as much information as we can about that area and keep updating with you about the same.

Background Check

Any one of the parties may have a criminal or illicit past. Background Check refers to interrogating background history of all those expected to be involved in the online frauds. We are required to do a complete and detailed investigation including family. This investigation therefore makes it easy for us to make out who is the culprit or defaulter. Testing out other checks further proves beneficial in judging the wrongdoer.

IP Location Check

Next comes the IP Location Check wherein we track the location of the computer used for such falsified transactions. Each computer using internet protocol has a separate IP address in numeric form which is nothing but a unique number. This is done with the help of Internet Protocol Address (IP Address) of the computer used for completing the online transaction. Location Addressing therefore becomes easier for tracking.

Making Investigatory Calls

Last but not the least we make calls to the customer(s) involved in all such fake online transactions and gather all the possible information. We have dedicated account manager to handle each fraudulent case. By calling and contacting the parties associated with the deceitful online transactions, we help you in knowing the "Guilty Party". This is how we gather all information related to the fraud.